php artisan serve does not work

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  • Jo Jo 6 மாதங்கள் முன்

    hi @Apps Lanka, Unga tutorial la super ah iruku. Thai mozhi la kathukuradhu epavomey vera level understanding kudukudhu thanks you so much for your tutorials I have a problem I installed xampp and laravel completely as your last tutorial but i can not able to run laravel I started wamp server then in cmd I executed *php artisan serve* It took more time and not even starting the server so i used *php -S localhost:8000 -t public/* It provided me the localhost link but it still keep on loading in browser. Laravel home is not opening Can you help me with his @Apps Lank?


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  • Jo Jo 6 மாதங்கள் முன்
    1. confirm first you are able to run php -v  to see that php works
    2. confirm the composer version composer endu type panidu enter panunka

    ithu rendum work panuthu endal.. 

    solunka.. next step povam.

  • 18IT114 VISHNU VARDHAN S 6 மாதங்கள் முன்


    Mikka nandri Jo anna, ivlo vegama enaku padhil sonnadhuku :)

    My Versions are 

    PHP - 7.3.2 

    Composer version 1.10.10 



  • 18IT114 VISHNU VARDHAN S 6 மாதங்கள் முன்

    Aprm ungal website and project ellam pathen. Ellam arumaiya irundhuchu, Very inspiring, nalla super irundhuchu and unga tamil enaku romba pidichuruku

  • Jo Jo 6 மாதங்கள் முன்

    Appadi enna iruku en tamilil?

    composer install kuduthinkala? Vendor file fulla iruka?

  • 18IT114 VISHNU VARDHAN S 6 மாதங்கள் முன்

    nan Indian tamilzan andhanal than 

    1. composer install run senjuten


    Loading composer repositories with package information

    Installing dependencies (including require-dev) from lock file

    Nothing to install or update

    Generating optimized autoload files....

    2. Vendor full files na ethana files? Already 43 files iruku 

  • Jo Jo 6 மாதங்கள் முன்

    Problem risolve panidinkala?

  • 18IT114 VISHNU VARDHAN S 6 மாதங்கள் முன்

    ila na, Still in same state


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